Michael checks his mail, reads his twitter feed, eats his veggies.

Michael Rasalan

bagel aficionado
ice cream maker
researcher of fun


Director of Research
Evans Data Corporation

Michael oversees the general research direction and strategy for Evans Data. He is responsible for selecting and implementing the methodological practices underlying all EDC projects. He manages Evans Data's team of technology industry analysts, and ensures the innovation, quality and robustness of the company's products. Michael conducts custom analytics and is a contributor to syndicated reports like the Developer Relations Programs Report, the Big Data and Advanced Analytics Report, and the Global Developer Population and Demographics Study.  He is the principal analyst and author of the Mobile Development Report.

Michael spent several years as a developer in the finance, IT consulting and telecommunications sectors, and has a background in political and economic systems in emerging markets, with a specialization in Southeast Asia. He is involved in strange kitchen projects all the time.